Unlock Success with a Salesforce Partner: Embrace Global Sales Automation


The client is a leading company in the robotics industry, with a presence in several countries worldwide. The company was facing challenges in managing its sales processes on an international scale. The sales cycle required significant manual effort, and sales teams in different locations needed to collaborate more efficiently. It was necessary to implement a sales automation system to optimize the sales process and improve collaboration between locations.

The Solution
icona strategia analisi

We started with a detailed analysis of the specific challenges faced by the company in each location and the collaboration needs between the locations.

Icona strategia

We have set up Salesforce Sales Cloud to provide a centralized platform for sales management across all locations. This has enabled sales teams to share information and collaborate more effectively.

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We have customized the system to adapt to the specific sales needs of each location, enabling adaptive management of sales opportunities, leads, and sales forecasts.

icona automazione

We have implemented a sales activity automation system that has simplified and automated manual processes. This has included automatic generation of proposals and quotes, creation of workflows for follow-up activities, and automation of repetitive tasks.

icona risparmio tempo

All of this has allowed sales teams to save valuable time and focus on strategic sales activities.

The results

After implementing global sales automation, our client achieved remarkable results.

Salesforce unifies global sales efforts, fostering collaboration across locations.

Sales teams have become more collaborative, the ability to share information work in sync across locations. This has improved communication and visibility of sales opportunities worldwide.

Boosting Operational Efficiency: Streamlining Sales with Salesforce

Moreover, the automation of sales activities has resulted in heightened operational efficiency. By minimizing manual processes, sales teams are able to devote their attention to high-value tasks, thus enhancing productivity.

Streamline quote and proposal automation with Salesforce partner.

The implementation of automatically generated quotes and proposals has significantly accelerated the sales process, resulting in a reduction of the time needed to close opportunities.

Through the automation of global sales, our client has experienced a significant enhancement in sales performance and operational efficiency. The company now possesses the capability to efficiently manage its sales cycle on an international scale, resulting in increased productivity, streamlined processes, and accelerated business growth.

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