Transforming HR Data Sharing: Streamlining Confidential Communication with Salesforce Experience Cloud


A client active into the HR domain has the need of sharing documents and data with his contractors/employees. Salesforce is already a platform that this client uses to track the clients and their data. Employees don’t have access to data and all data needs to be highly confidential. It’s crucial for the client to have a platform to share documents and get documents to and from their contractors/employees, while keeping all the communication and documents confidential. The company wanted also to move away from paper and decrease the overall cost of payrolling and communication gap.

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With Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community), we have been able to separate the Internal vs. External data model and have users only accessing their HR docs, like Pay slips, family allowances and other confidential documents. Additionally, employees/colleagues can upload their work-related documents (such as timesheets, family allowance requests, work permits, etc.). The private sharing of documents ensures the information remains confidential between all contractors and employees.


Through Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community), the following achievements were realized:

salesforce experience cloud

The client is now capable of managing 200+ contractors and employees.

salesforce experience cloud

Paper and post costs reduced by 95%.

salesforce experience cloud

Communication gap reduced to 0 days.

salesforce experience cloud

Time saved to manage document 50%.

Looking to enhance HR data sharing and cost reduction? Discover how Salesforce Experience Cloud can transform your document management. Contact us today!

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