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Discover the Power of Connecting with Your Business Applications and websites in WordPress.

Why Integrate Salesforce With Other Business Applications?

Unify customer relationships and business resource planning seamlessly:

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Maintain consistent, error-free data across systems

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Eliminate redundant data entry, save time

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Make informed decisions with real-time shared data.

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Enhance customer experience through insights

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Save time and reduce errors with automated processes

Our Integration Process

Experience a personalized approach:



Understand your needs and goals.


Design & Development

Personalized integration for uninterrupted data flow.


Testing & Implementation

Rigorous testing ensures reliability.


Ongoing Support

Constant assistance for evolving needs.

Integration with WordPress

  1. Lead Generation: Capture leads directly from your website forms and store them in Salesforce for follow-up.
  2. Contact Management: Keep customer data synchronized between your website and Salesforce CRM for a unified view.
  3. Membership portal integration: expose selected Salesforce data to your members, manage their information, provide a selection of reports and documents to your members
  4. Personalized Marketing: Tailor marketing campaigns based on website visitor data stored in Salesforce.
  5. Customer Support: Provide better customer support by accessing website interactions and history in Salesforce.
  6. E-commerce Integration: Streamline sales processes by connecting e-commerce data with Salesforce CRM.
  7. Analytics: Analyze website traffic and customer behavior to make informed decisions in Salesforce.
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