YOUY, a Salesforce Partner, Empowers Your Digital Transformation

If you are a company facing the challenge of digitizing your business processes, YOUY is your Salesforce consultant and is here to help you.

Do You Know What The Future Holds?

“In the past, it has always worked!”

“In the past, it has always worked!”

According to McKinsey, companies with effective change management programs achieve an expected ROI (Return on Investment) of 143%.

“I wasn’t told to do it!”

“I wasn’t told to do it!”

According to a study conducted by McKinsey, companies that pursue digitalization experience a 23% increase in earnings compared to those that don’t digitize.

“We have always done it this way”

“We have always done it this way”

Digital tools and automation enhance operational efficiency. A study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte has shown that digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable.

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Our Mission

YOUY aims to bridge the digital gap for local businesses to create impact on marketing, sales, and business process management.

The Solutions That Help You

We offer comprehensive solutions: Salesforce to effectively manage all business processes, Marketing Automation for effective strategies, and Integration for optimized business processes.

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Powerful customer relationship management, empowering sales and loyalty.

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Marketing Automation

Automate and optimize your marketing strategies for effective results.

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Integrate and optimize your business processes, creating efficient workflows.

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Explore the case studies of companies transformed by YOUY: through Salesforce, Marketing Automation, and Integration, we have generated tangible results and long-lasting successes in improving customer relationships.